Magnetizing Clients In Times Of Excesive Competition -

Magnetizing Clients In Times Of Excesive Competition

on Martes, 12 Enero 2016. Posted in El Blog de CorpXcoach

Magnetizing is quite an interesting Word … captivate, mesmerize…

ABSOLUTELY fantastic!

And absolutely NECESARY now-days

Being able to create YOUR OWN magnetizing factor when there is so much, … no ... excessive competition that reduces business opportunities, is without a doubt the difference between success: Being the extraordinary pond of water with palm trees and birds or being one more grain in the sea of sand of the Sahara…

Meche 2In my experience, there are several factors for having a unique personal brand. This is the time of Personal Branding, the time to stand out, to be unique, to be you. I will share three important factors for you to see “magnetize” with a large augmentation glass. To take some interesting notes, these statistics say a lot about it.

According to WebDAM, a leading digital asset management platform for marketers:

  • 43% of all marketers found a customer via LinkedIn and 52% of all marketers have found a customer via Facebook.
    • Landing pages that included videos see an 86% increase in conversions.
    • Companies expect to double their social marketing budgets over the next 5 years.
    • Emails that include social sharing buttons have a click-trough-rate 158% higher than emails that do not include social sharing buttons.
    • Customer testimonials have the highest effectiveness rating for all types of content marketing, with a rating of 89%.

It is quite interesting how before the end of 2015, I have got more Personal Branding clients than in my 28 years of career. I follow the process at least once a year as time changes and I get new visions, new dreams new expectations.

Many executives that I have had the privilege to work with, have confirmed year after year that these factors made a difference in their careers and in their positioning in business, projects and vision.

Some of these factors.


1.Your Unique Physical factor

Most people believe that you must have good looks to magnetize, the truth is that beauty is overrated, overused, over-expected… and it is very subjective as beauty is in the eye of the beholder. We are imposed with patters that show what beauty looks like and it is overwhelming! As a matter of fact, I believe there is too much “Beautiful “ and there is so Little interesting, attractive, unique, adorable.

Having a great presence, whether you are tall, short, fat, Slim, black, white, is what you want to enhance in yourself, to make you the best looking YOU can be ¡ and YOU are!

If you are lucky to be beautiful according to fashion magazine standards, congratulations!  However you know by your own personal experience that beauty isn´t enough. There are other much more important ingredients.

Iris Apfel, the flamboyant, opinionated 93 year old who´s impact in world fashion still stands and Diana Vreelan, a legendary arbiter of fashion, art and culture are perfect examples of what I am saying,

These two fascinating, outstanding women weren´t exactly beautiful, however one cannot quite see they are not…

What is most important is discovering what is your own unique physical factor, the one that is key to the steps you shall take to succeed.

What is it about your physicality that people remember most?

What is your unique physical factor???

See yourself in the mirror…. what it is…?


2.Your Unique Psychological factor:

Your attitude and psychological style… do you know what they are? Do you know how people perceive your psychological style? Is your attitude providing you with the success you are looking for? Or does it need a bit polishing? Attitude comes from your beliefs, attitude come from emotions you got somewhere in life, the questions are:

Do you need to change it?

Eliminate it?

Improve it?

Leverage it?

Remember the movie “As good as it gets”?

Remember the scenes at the restaurant where he went almost everyday?, do you remember how harsh he was? Remember the “almost” romantic scene at the bar? Ok, this is an exaggerated example of a man with serious OCD…however I´m sure you get the picture…

Attitude is gold in the world of success…!

David Rock, in his article SCARF shares” Social neuroscience explores the biological foundations of the way we relate to each other”, therefore our social interaction plays a role in giving other people´s brain the feeling, sensation of reward or threat…This is extremely important! Your attitude towards yourself and others can produce a red, yellow or green alarm in other people.

In our training MAGNETIZING IN TIMES OF EXCESIVE COMPETITION we go further on this factor and teach you how you can keep others brains at ease…


3.Your unique Solution factor:

What is it that you do that others want…?

What is it that you do that others wish they could do?

Sometimes it is hitting you right on your face and you do not see it, Lucky you! Others do. Go ask… go around and find out.

Part of the process to reveal your Unique self factor is to research what is your “reason to be” in this world, in your business, in society, it will give you and other´s much empowerment in many ways…

When asked what you do for a living or what line of business you are in, you usually describe how you do what you do, this means you talk and give all kind of explanations that loose the attention of the person you are talking with… BIG mistake!. Remember people retain very little, therefore you need to be very precise, short and clear, which means you have to design in advance the message of your personal brand. It is short and contains the actual and unique solution/benefit/result you provide.

I´d love you to try these tips and share your experiences with me!

She makes employees happy and companies rich.

Her vision is to be part of the progress of the world by being the business partner companies require for success and positive impact in the communities they operate at.

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