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Liderazgo Femenino Sustentable

Written by Mercedes Jahn on Viernes, 18 Octubre 2013. Posted in El Blog de CorpXcoach


Liderazgo Femenino Sustentable

Mercedes-Jahn Leader

Sí, los tiempos han cambiado y muchas mujeres hoy en día han alcanzado altos cargos en el mundo organizacional y el equipo que han formado con sus contrapartes masculinos a generado éxito y resultados sustentables… esto es lo que queremos!  Formar equipos altamente exitosos desde la amplia perspectiva de la sustentabilidad. Sin embargo las estadísticas nos indican que apenas estamos comenzando, necesitamos continuar, necesitamos mas mujeres participando en las decisiones de alto impacto de las Organizaciones

Nuestra experiencia con cientos de mujeres, en grandes empresas y corporaciones nos han llevado a diseñar este entrenamiento exclusivo para  MUJERES EJECUTIVAS CON AMBICIÓN DE FORMAR PARTE DEL TOP EXECUTIVE TEAM.
Se trata igualmente de involucrar a más mujeres con altos cargos en la toma de decisiones de alto impacto, con el fin de que estas decisiones y las consecuencias de ellas sean sustentables

"Our home, the planet is in serious crisis, pollution, animal extinction, poverty, wars..."

This is unsustainable, we are loosing our "renewable" resources ... we are loosing our social compassion and our spiritual well-being .
I strongly believe diversity teams can make a difference making decisions and implementing projects that not only generate revenue but also replenish what we are taking from the earth to make their products, stop pouring toxic waste in our lakes, rivers and oceans killing communities who reside around them, au contraire ... more women will make sure all of these stop, we do not have 50, 40, 30, 20 years to rescue what we have destroyed, we only have about 10 ... 
More women leaders will make the difference with their diverse, long term vision, with their love for nature, with their love and compassion for people, communities.... we urgently need these feminine traits ... please support our cause and pledge." Mercedes Jahn / Corpxcoach Founder

I invite you to see more here: and 
We invite you to participate in our cause: 

"More women leaders for sustainable results"



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* The iOpener People and Performance Questionnaire (iPPQ) is a psychometric tool, designed to assess workplace happiness and wellbeing. It is designed and administered by iOpener Ltd, a management consultancy firm based in Oxford, UK.

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About the Author

Mercedes Jahn

My antropology professor at UNC Charlotte asked a female and a male student to stand next to him, one on each side. He then gave a book to each one and look at the rest of the class ( about 200 students in a huge auditorium) , and ask…

What do you see? Image the amount of answers to this question….  again, he said…

What is different ?

Laugther followed.. and the answers.. They are holding their books in a different manner…

YES ! he said…  and this is what it means …

She is holding her book as if she is carrying a baby… he is holding his book as he is carrying a spear..!

This is 1979…  long ago, not long ago.. who cares… If you do the same, you will get the same way from a man and a woman…

We have learned and that lesson has stayed … men carry spears, are ready for the hunt, want to get together to make an strategy, attack and get food on the plate ! quick, this is for today and maybe tomorrow… the feeling is “the rush” , anxiety, ready to fight, ready to hunt.

Women carry children, we are ready for the long term, to care, to invest time and dedication, we gather in groups and get kids together to learn, we also harvest, we see far… long term… the feeling is deep knowledge of the future, as we care, the feeling is love … the feeling is to prepare the best for the kids.

NOW!  we went out to hunt… so what do you think is happening???


Let´s talk about it, I´d love to hear read your comments....

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